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At our body shop and paint shop we like to introduce clients to what they can expect from our services. We will provide you with information that we understand you need to know about the services and will not necessarily be provided to you in other body shop and paint shops.


Our computerized car estimates start from vehicle body repair and paint to potential hidden damage. We are certified in the use and management of the Mitchell program, complying with the standards to obtain approval from the different insurers.


In our body shop and paint shop, the general mechanics we work with is the one that is connected to the body. For example impacts in the direction, axles, chassis to mention a few, always having the right equipment for it, such as the chassis machine.


We have a cabin to work the tin and paint of cars in aluminum in an isolated way. It is important not to work cars made with other metals nearby, it could alter their properties, become contaminated or rust during the repair process. 


Looking for the best for our clients, we use GLASURIT manufacturers of the best paint quality and internationally recognized. Allowing high quality work on all types of car models worked in our body shop and paint shop

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We have all the necessary equipment to give your car the best washing, restoration of headlights and tires, hand or machine polishing, glass polishing among other additional services.

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