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Our premises have all the permits, patents or records of the Puerto Rico State Department and other government agencies.


Our employees have more than 15 years of experience, for that reason they do an excellent daily job in the body shop and painting. At Studio Auto Body we believe in equal benefits and opportunities. Committed to excellence, all staff are required to have a technical degree and membership for which they are paid.


All of our employees have all the fringe benefits in accordance with the regulations of the Puerto Rico Department of Labor.




We have staff certified by two of the most recognized pressure tool companies.​​ One of these companies is SNAP-ON and the other is MACTOOL , which makes us able to work in the correct way with these precision tools. Having these certifications allows us to obtain the guarantees of use and handling of these precision tools that you would not obtain without being certified.  


In our body shop and paint shop, not only experience is important. That is why we keep our staff trained to use the tools and work equipment.


It is the world's leading company in the manufacture of car paints among other tinsmithing and painting equipment. We are pleased to give our customers the best quality of products in the repair of their vehicle. Reason why all the vehicles worked in our body shop and paint are painted with GLASURIT .


GLASURIT certification is obtained through comprehensive training that requires one to two years. That allows you to obtain the guarantees they offer on their products.

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